A new type of research studio that publishes military-grade reports and S-tier intelligence on the socioeconomics of technology and entertainment. We advise technology and entertainment companies on product, strategy, and brand marketing through deep research projects that augment the abilities of internal teams and improve their strategic decision-making. GOOD MONSTERS operates as an independent think tank, a personal holding company, and a multimedia publishing label. Not to reproduce an institution, but to bridge the gaps between the art and business of cultural production. As technology, design, and media are increasingly being commoditized, we work with clients on developing new systems and models that create, capture, and compound in value with or without new social technologies.


We study how new media technologies shapes individuals, industry, and institutions. Specifically, the business of play, the marketing of cultural products, and the effects of digital technologies on our global society. Much of our work is confidential, but we do publish briefs, podcasts, reports, and a newsletter so that everyone can benefit from our analysis—mostly on the evolving nature of digital media and technologies, and how they're reshaping the economics of designing, producing, distributing, and marketing cultural products.

While it is our business to create knowledge products, what we seek, and hope to gain, is wisdom. Our research organization is dedicated to equipping individuals, companies, brands, governments, institutions, and investors with the knowledge to better understand our new world, communicate their products, and create enduring IP in the digital economy. It is our mission and belief that a true understanding of the world leads to better strategic outcomes.

We look to forge long-term partnerships with select partners who play infinite games, build great products (or services) that solve's people's problems and work to improve people’s lives in some way. GM’s research and advisory services informs a wide range of applications across brand, product, innovation, marketing, and communications—often serving a hybrid role of an independent intelligence agency and creative council. Our research is informed by a deep analysis into modern media technologies, the vitality of virtual economies, the lifecycles of corporations, and how the internet is reorganizing the business model of cultural production. Our cross-disciplinary practice is deep and wide. Ranging from digital anthropology and psychology to complex systems theory and platform economics. We take on a limited number of clients per quarter. To get on our waitlist, you can request to commission research from us here.

We work with business and creative leaders with high integrity who play at the intersection of entertainment and technology to answer high-risk, high-reward, what-if questions and assess the impact of further investments in those questions. By taking a rigorous, portfolio approach to creative strategy, we ensure an outsized business impact on all future marketing and R&D investments through disciplined innovation.

Our expertise is in defining a core strategy engine that unfolds beautifully over time and translating that into an actionable playbook, operating model, and a well-coordinated implementation plan. Clients work with us because we can synthesize business and creative strategy. Taking a long-term strategic view that aligns executive leaders, internal teams, and external agency partners on a strategic path forward—whether that’s helping Microsoft define a digital strategy for the next-generation or aligning agency partners with an integrated brief for the most successful game launch in Activision Blizzard's history. Case studies and research are available upon request.



You can reach out to us about new project inquiries or collaborations at We welcome kind, thoughtful, and earnest collaborators.

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