The GM Report

The GM Report

The GM Report honestly captures and portrays the real world instead of mapping or forecasting trends. We study history and pay attention to the present so you don't have to read bad trend reports about the future. Our reports are not designed to predict trends or amplify shallow hype, but to delve deeper into the sources that underpin them.

For this reason alone, it is a golden compass for creative business leaders and strategy teams that need to know what's real, good, and true about the world. 

Our publication cycle is not regular, but one new issue is published every quarter. Our goal in the future is to publish 4-6 weeks on average for 10 months out of the year.


 Reimbursement: Expense Provision 

After you purchase a GM report or subscribe to our membership, you will receive an invoice for your purchase. You can forward this directly to your finance department for research or education reimbursement. Please reach out to if you need help adding custom information, such as your company name and address.